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The Relationship Workshop

RELATING AUTHENTICALLY… requires vulnerability, transparency & integrity

“Authenticity is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realised”


All our obstacles in life; limiting beliefs, judgments, conditioning, misunderstandings in relationships, unconscious ways of holding back and/or sabotaging ourselves, only have power over us when we don’t bring awareness to them.

Relating authentically is about bringing awareness to how you relate both with yourself and with others. When we start to see our patterns of relating and the core beliefs that hold us back, we can begin to discover what we need in order to open up to a deeper way of relating. This understanding gives you a willingness to show your vulnerability and to express yourself authentically. To speak your truth without fear about what others may think. You make choices that feel right to you. You begin to feel comfortable in your own skin – connections and relationships come naturally. You feel relaxed and at home in yourself because it’s your birthright to take your place and express yourself.

In this workshop we will address the common areas where we ‘hold ourselves back’ from what we really want to say. We’ll use tools and techniques to consciously communicate, to not only find our voice, but to find our confidence and clarity in what we need.

“Thank you. I feel renewed and able to work with a new direction in my life.”


  • Conscious Communication
  • Being Seen & Having Needs
  •  Necessity of Connection
  • The Gift of Vulnerability
  • Coming out of the Comfort Zone
  • Courage to Face the Unknown
  • Radical Honesty with Yourself
  • Finding the Voice of Self-Love
  • Showing Up in Your Power


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