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About Parminder Sohal

Parminder Sohal (Yog Nanak) is an OSHO Disciple, has held senior management positions in top global organization like IBM, Apple, HP and AT&T Canada. Parminder worked with Steve Jobs at Apple and Meg White at HP with along other leaders in the Information Technology Industry.
Parminder is passionate about assisting leaders to transform building self-awareness through heightened transformation emotional Intelligence, creativity and overall well-being.  He is deeply involved in the personal journey of inner healing and transformation  through a variety of meditation practise.
He combines his knowledge of science and spirituality to provide a well-rounded vif leadership and self-development.  He has taught courses around the world in the fortune 100 companies, OSHO Communes and Ashrams.  He has spent time in  Sufism and Buddhism monasteries and is deeply involved in the inner healing work.

Written By Parminder Sohal



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