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About Parminder Sohal

PARMINDER offers a range of workshops, retreats, and training for beginners and experienced individuals wanting to further their abilities and understanding and relate authentically.  He creates a contained environment for people to feel safe and supported, so each individual may be inspired and empowered in their self-development journey.



Leadership Training

Parminder’s Training and Tools for Leader Training is for individuals who want to develop leader skills and make a positive change when working with individuals and groups of people. It is for those daring to lead authentically, to stand in front of others and be seen. To recognise one’s true value as a person of influence.


Corporate Speaker

Parminder teaches people how to use awareness and happiness to boost productivity, creativity, innovation, and profits. He turns typical meetings into transformational events using, the power of awareness and happiness. Parminder has been asked by many corporate and government organizations to provide productivity, leadership, emotional intelligence, and awareness talks.​

inspired workshop and retreats

Workshops and Retreats

Parminder’s empowering workshops offer the tools, experiences, and knowledge that integrate into your day-to-day living. He provides the foundational tools that inspire and support you in sustaining a balanced life.

meditation page


The essence of meditation is a detached observation or witnessing of whatever happens inside (the body, mind, and emotions) and outside (the world around you) without reaction or judgment. Through learning to observe your thoughts and emotions you settle your awareness in the silent stillness of your being.

About Parminder Sohal

Parminder Sohal (Yog Nanak) is an OSHO Disciple, has held senior management positions in top global organization like IBM, Apple, HP and AT&T Canada. Parminder worked with Steve Jobs at Apple and Meg White at HP with along other leaders in the Information Technology Industry.
Parminder is passionate about assisting leaders to transform building self-awareness through heightened transformation emotional Intelligence, creativity and overall well-being.  He is deeply involved in the personal journey of inner healing and transformation  through a variety of meditation practise.
He combines his knowledge of science and spirituality to provide a well-rounded vif leadership and self-development.  He has taught courses around the world in the fortune 100 companies, OSHO Communes and Ashrams.  He has spent time in  Sufism and Buddhism monasteries and is deeply involved in the inner healing work. 

“I was born in late 60’s, a time of radical thinking and revolutionary approach to human psychology and group therapy.  As a child I grew up in a conscious community and was fortunate enough to sit with OSHO until he left his body in 1990.  Growing up in the conscious community. I had a rare opportunity to partake in the multitude of meditations and workshop retreats.  This become one of the most illuminating and awareness and that continues to shape me till today and understanding his words as I felt like at that time I was not mature enough to understand but was in full love with him and commune.” 


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