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Parminder (Yog Nanak) offers one-on-one sessions for individuals and couples.
These are powerful sessions where you are supported every step of the way.
Sessions play a vital role to our personal development journey and help us find our voice.


  • Life Coaching
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Consult on Leader Training
  • Personal Crises
  • Grief & Loss
  • Issues around Intimacy
  • Stress Management, Anxiety, Panic Attacks
  • Trauma related issues (physical & psychological trauma)

Sessions are done both in person, or via ZOOM.

“Every session I take, Yog Nanak helps me to go deep and understand and find myself” – Susan Anderson


Parminder Sohal has been working with people over the years around the globe, and the one thing he has found to be synonymous with every workshop retreat and session, is that we all long for connection. We’re wired for connection. Whether it’s connection with ourselves, connection with others, or connection with nature around us, we long for that connection; it is core to our healing and our development.

“My intention is to inspire and empower individuals that attend these sessions so that they can find their voice and their spiritual path. To reconnect with what they want in life. Get clarity and direction. Learn to trust their ‘gut feeling’ and begin to enjoy their lives again…” – Yog Nanak

“Life is a process, it not perfect and to try to find perfection is the problem, and you need to come out of it, you need to come in happening and this process becomes perfection” – Yog Nanak


What types of workshops and retreats do you offer?

Who are these workshops and retreats for?

Why attend a workshop or retreat?

Parminder (Yog Nanak) offers various workshops and retreats for individuals and couples including Art Therapy and Painting, Atisha, Bardos, Dalian Method, Language of Body, Relationships, Trauma, as well as Leadership Training and online courses.

Parminder (Yog Nanak) workshops and retreats are for individuals and couples wanting to make a significant change in their personal and professional lives using tools and techniques that integrate into their daily lives.

One of the biggest discoveries individuals notice is the shared human experience when attending these courses; they realise they’re not alone in what they’re experiencing, which becomes an important part of the process and the support they receive.