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Keynote Speaker for Corporate Events

Motivating leaders at every level to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

When You Engage Parminder Sohal to Speak at Your Event

Parminder Sohal is a compelling storyteller and presenter who shares powerful stories of humanity and change from around the world. He has a relaxed presentation style which puts audiences instantly at ease with his down-to-earth pragmatism and relatable storytelling style. Through compelling personal experience and lessons learned, Parminder inspires audiences to cultivate a better future by showing passionate leadership, empowering young people, and seeing the value of a social profit entrepreneurship mindset. His well-researched presentations frame data in a way that brings numbers to life as he connects the dots in a convincing manner and get your audience excited for the possibilities of change.

Parminder is passionate about assisting leaders to transform building self-awareness through heightened emotional intelligence, creativity, and overall well-being. He is deeply involved in the personal journey of inner healing and transformation through a variety of meditation practices.  He combines his knowledge of science and spirituality to provide a well-rounded view of leadership and self-development. 

Parminder Sohal has held senior management positions in top global organizations like IBM, Apple, HP, and AT&T Canada.  He worked with Steve Jobs at Apple and worked on the first iPod product.  Parminder has a degree in Engineering and an MBA from Stanford University. He is a visiting professor at top Universities. Currently, he holds Chief Technologies Officer position at DXC Technologies (Fortune 500 company).



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