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Inspired Workshops and Retreats

“We recognise that true connection with ourselves and with others is where the healing happens and empowerment begins.  We don’t just teach it, we live it… and we’re here to support you through this journey so that you can reclaim your strength and confidence again.  I hope you can join us on this remarkable self-discovery journey…” ~ Yog Nanak


PARMINDER offers a profound and fun approach to self-development workshops and retreats.  He creates a safe environment in each; from start to finish you feel taken care of and supported. All workshops and retreats are educational, as well as experiential, so  you have an embodied-experience of learning. The workshops and retreats help you to find clarity when examining some of the obstacles in your life today. You will feel empowered to face these life challenges from a place of, “I have what it takes.”

With tools and techniques from the latest science in conventional therapy, and the understandings developed from both Eastern and Western philosophy, each person has an opportunity to learn, grow and re-connect with themselves.  Unless we truly take the space and time for ourselves, we may never really have a chance to know our full potential, and essentially what gives us a deeper sense of purpose in life.

“Thank you Parminder for the energy and heart you give to your workshops and meditations. You have inspired so many people across the world for so many years… you have really done magic! Thank you for your gifts.”



When a liberation is realized that “the voice of my head” is not who I am. Who I am then? The one who seeks through the heart finds that stillness, that epicenter of everything seen, where “I” disappears! 

The Journey of self-discovery is often we embark on what we’re ready to take a deeper look at what happening inside.

Taking space and time to inquire and look below the surface starts the journey of self-discover.

What is it I really want in life?  What is blocking me? How did I ended up where I am today?

Without this curiosity towards oneself, you may never find the answers you’re looking for in what truly fulfils you. 

Without the curiosity towards oneself, you may never find the answers you are looking for in that truly you.

It can be scary for people to dig deep, but the rewards are rich with clarity, compassion, and empowerment; ultimately, this is new direction and meaning in life!



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