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Art Therapy and Painting Workshop


This one-day introduction and 5-day intensive workshop is an opportunity to dive deep into unconscious painting, explore one’s own unique creative quality and learn to support creative expression in others.  We do not provide step by step but provide the situations where participants could learn and explore for themselves.  We know how to make sure we provide you protected lab environment where you can explore your inner skills. 

This workshop is designed for those who want to explore their inner world through creativity and for those who are interested in working with people in this way.  Beside the painting, singing and dancing we also include meditation, body experience, group dynamics, therapeutic exercises and personal sharing. No prior Experian of paining, singing and dancing is required.

Throughout this workshop the emphasis is on building an awareness of our own pattern and discover our unique way of expression. 

Dance is the bridge to meditation, dance is bridge to painting, dance is bridge to Singing, dance is bridge to psychology.  Because dance means your body is saying “Yes” to life, Without this energy of saying yes to life, you cannot really look at your issue with dignity, with love and relaxation ~ Yog Nanak


Begin with Meditations where we welcome and become aware to drop all which hinder us from creative expression, painting and singing the song, we have already deep inside us.  Once we explain the view of conscious art and singing then we follow up,

Inner Painting, Lyrics & Dance Composition we learn to meet ourselves beyond our superficial mask. Yog Nanak and Rei has a unique way to teaching self-portrait, where we by-pass our mind and its judgments and discover our own beauty and inner strength.  We also explore our roots and learn to say “YES” to ourselves in a deep way.

Outer Painting, Singing and Dance Explosion: In this part of retreat we paint outside the nature, sit near river, mountain or tree in a mysterious forest.  We learn to become one with the surrounding nature.  Rather then copy the nature, we dance and sing with the nature and then paint that experience which is rising in us. And experience to be in total “YES” moment to moment with full intensity and presence, Samasati (Right Remembrance)!


Painting, singing and dancing is a mirror that helps us to see our unconsciousness patterns and learn to draft new paths to overcome old paths. It allows our unconscious to be released and at the same time is very healing for our heart.  The magic of creativity of painting, singing and dancing helps us to let go of the past and orients us to the future.



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