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Signal in Noice

Throughout material mechanics, there’s always a ratio of signal to noise, and the noise is consistently more prevalent than the signal.

This is how matter operates. The purpose of individual human existence is to develop a consciousness that recognizes pure signals within this overwhelming noise.

Throughout history there’ve been despotic individuals and movements, driven to find advantage in the noise; to appeal to the fear of noise, and then ride the waves of its storms to gain from its destruction.

The ability to separate pure signals from overwhelming noise is the purpose of meditation, and at its highest levels, this awareness is known as awakening…as enlightenment.

This is a specific capacity that empowers the electromagnetic field…your aura. The signal to noise ratio is like a needle in a haystack. There’s a riddle: “How do you find a needle in a giant haystack? With a giant magnet!”

When all the overwhelming noise registers on the sounding board of your life, the signal can be located by increasing your electromagnetic field to such a degree that you don’t deal with the noise…it’s noticed, but not engaged.

You don’t register it as value, but as an essential carrier-agent of the pure signals, you attract. Evolutionary reality employs this signal to noise ratio to create environments of crisis; they stimulate growth, which enables change and adaptation to survive and thrive. Those who take advantage of the noise, for the purpose of self-gain, are servants of this evolutionary process…they stimulate those who are approaching enlightenment.

Our prayer is that you’re not discouraged by the noise, but see beyond these charades and parades to embrace the pure signals they contain…shed the noise and the antics of those who take advantage of destruction and recognize it’s all part of cosmic nature…locate the signals and use them for good for your yourself and others and lift the HUMANITY!!!

Yog Nanak