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Seven Doors to the Meditation

When I meet people, my friends, I get a little concerned, not because they belong to me; to be more accurate, I belong to them. This is what happens when we move from love to compassion!

When I look at their minds, it seems like their brains’ thing – thoughts are like carbon copies of many generations, repeating fears, confusion, uncertainty, etc., their concern, one comments for all the problems, they say, “We live in the uncertain times.” I feel they should say, “I am creating this uncertainty, and I am the cause and what I can do to overcome?” is turning the mind upside down, or we can say “Teachings of Atisha.”

This is your touchstone, your CenterPoint, and your resonance. When your own voice touches this string, it can be strangely authentic and freak you out when you’re speaking from the soul. It’s honest and vulnerable.

Your survival instincts find it uncomfortable and will make you squirm. People step away at this point rather than risk this authentic sound of authenticity and purpose. But this is the forward scout of evolution — one who discovers what’s never been known before. Are you this scout down in your soul? Your instincts want to step away and revert to the familiar. The virus of doubt and exhaustion — in the presence of this power — will cause you to feel like a fraud. Your brain searches for expected rewards like sex, money, respect, and recognition.

Like a gong, there’s a sound that cuts through this meandering noise right down to the core of your being. It feels like a clearing; it reaches a “string” known to the ancient yogis as the silver thread. This is your heartstring, and your body is now tuned Guitar — born to discover. When this is touched, it resonates in a way that knows the truth; it sounds authentic and becomes “SatNam” or True Name what Jesus said” “I am before Ibrahim”

To experience this please come to OSHO Atisha Meditation Retreat from Sep 16 to Sep20 to find and explore your true north!

If you have any question reach me, but this is a great opportunity to explore and find yourself.

Yog Nanak