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Potential and Possibilities

The human brain has eighty-six billion neurons — 100,000 of them could fit on the head of a pin. They operate through one hundred trillion intersections…an extremely complex neuro-machanics capable of experiencing — and even causing — events beyond the imagination. The brain — in order to achieve this phenomenon — works with electricity, chemistry and light…the most miraculous of these three is how it works with light. When you’re able to experience the “lighter” side of your life, the brain actually works with light processors. These are skills contained within the higher-conscious brain-mind connection…these are the skills that ultimately lead to en-light-enment. Many functions of your physical world operate around and with proteins.

‘Opsin’ is one of these proteins; ‘opsin’ is responsible for translating light into the electrical, and chemical signals required for the brain’s translation of experience into meaning. Whatever you experience, you’re brain translates the signals into meaning for action or reaction to take place. The longer you’re able to hold the signal as light, the more beneficial the translation. Holding the ‘light-signal’ is the neuro-mechanics of the ‘brighter’ — ‘lighter side’ of life, as opposed to the ‘darker’ — ‘dreary’ side. Holding light without translation takes only nanoseconds to seconds; yet it requires courage, faith, trust…all higher attitudes. This micro-time absorbs massive amounts of information that translate danger into opportunity, and discover the rewards associated with risk. It’s within this that the lighter, brighter, more miraculous elements are discovered…the potentials and possibilities at the core of every moment.

Our prayer is that you’re willing, courageous, and trusting in faith; that you sit with light and honor the potential of each moment; that you do not allow your emotional body to cause an immediate reaction but hold the light to consciously chose the action or reaction that brightens the moment. Everything began with the sound of light…become the light that sounds most true.