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The path of benevolent mediation is a path in which the angles (Self Reflection) of your values are consistent with the triangles of the resistance. Establishing the outcomes of your desires, without specific attachment to these definitions, is a means of travelling with your relationships through the spaces within the possibilities, toward the times that are provided. The result is right there, and it’s always fair . . . this is the law of physics.

To use these guaranteed channels in guiding your trajectory through time is to use the nourished spaces that guide and nourish all sides of life’s equation. Sit and listen for the “right” motion in the midst of each silent moment; trust the presence of this motion when it presents itself; use this presence to achieve the desired mutuality, and mediation will complete itself without competing with itself. This is the mediation that carries you through the maze of life . . . it’s the guarantee that infinity uses to enable life’s relations.

A wise master (OSHO) once said, “Never be amazed . . . it only verifies your disbeliefs.” As the prefix “a” indicates “without” . . . ‘a[maze]ing’ means being without the maze — the illusion — that everyone’s normally experiencing. And because the path of right mediation is also the path to your destination, there’s nothing amazing about it . . . just the reality of a “river”. A “river” may not always be flowing directly toward the sea, but nevertheless, the river is always going to the sea. The rivers of the world are all heading to the ultimate destination of the oceans of the world, but they must twist and turn through the hills and valleys in order to get there. When you finally arrive at the ocean of your life, whenever and whatever this is, to be amazed would mean that you were not knowing that this was — by cosmic law — going to take place. And in the larger picture, you’re always there.

Our prayer is that your meditations on your mediations in life are ones that recognize this guarantee; that you live with the faith that every moment connects to your destiny; that this produces the connections you appreciate with your life, and the result is benevolence that surrounds you at all times. 

Yog Nanak