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Light’s Tango – Wave and Particle

Light travels in two forms — particles and waves. Light particles are invisible, but the waves strike and reflect off material objects as the colour and objects you see.

Light travels longer distances primarily in particle form and becomes visible waves when observed nearby. These light particles carry limitless information throughout the entire Universe, Megaverse and Multiverse.

This information requires order and meaning to be of value. Your consciousness assembles light particles — known as photons either positive or negative in their charge — in strings of meaningful code based on the arrangement of these charges.

Your consciousness takes the invisible light and assembles thoughts and feelings…then interprets what they mean. When you’re doing this in a highly conscious and accurate way, this is known as activating your ‘light-body’, or enlightenment. It’s filled with intuition and innovation.

Living bodies have significant amounts of light-carrying micro-crystals found in the fluids…human bodies are seventy percent water. These crystals are the salts, sugars, DNA, and various other types of mineral-crystalline compounds.

Human consciousness creates meaning from this code by disciplining the ‘light-body’ with yoga and meditation; healthy food choices and diet, and many other forms of discipline. Activation creates calm and peace, but it’s not initiated by calm and peace. Calm and peace don’t stimulate, they sedate, and for activation, there must be stimulation.

The level of stimulation will determine the level of activation…the amount of activation determines innovation. Life on Earth right now is in an exponential state of existential crisis with huge innovation required. The stimulation has arrived at your doorstep in the form of new “leadership” in complete ignorance and total denial.

Our prayer is that you understand the nature and reason for this complete lack of leadership; that you use this stimulation to counter the disinformation contained in its darkness; activate your light-body as a leader with healthy practices, and use the fiasco of these times to ignite your Lightbody’s mission. 

Yog Nanak