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Keep Growing

Every part of your body has a reason for existing beyond its obvious and physical function; these secondary effects matter just as much as the primary ones. The hips are the relationship between the pelvis and your two thighs…between the intention and motivation of the left and right thigh, and the fundamental ideas, or purpose of life. This basic concept of your life is in the pelvis. This area represents your psycho-emotional concept of what life means…the pelvis is also the physical location in which all life is conceived.

Young children tend to injure their ankles; because their directions (feet) and their momentum (ankles) are chaotic in relation to their standards (lower legs)…the standards are just beginning to be understood. In the middle of life is when the knees are at risk, because the double-standards (lower legs) are at odds — and there’s tremendous energy in the intentions (left thigh) and the motivation (right thigh). This creates the cross-tension that wears the knees out. In “elder” years, it’s the hips that tend to get injured. This is because the fundamental concept — the reason for life itself (pelvis) — feels there’s not enough time left in life to activate it through the intentions and motivation of the thighs. There’s this sense of limits on the time left to manifest purpose from the concept.

Our prayer is that you always feel there’s plenty of time to achieve anything you intend…this will activate motivation.

Our prayer is that you’re always motivated to change direction and clearly live by your own standards; that you focus your attention to use your intention to motivate all of your purposes.

Our prayer is also that you conceive of the most fulfilling opportunities…always growing, but never growing old. “Old” is just an assumed sensation that there are limits to time and space…there are no limits…we all live within infinity…always. 

Always with Sacred Love, Blessings, Prayer & Gratitude…

Yog Nanak