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I want to understand SatNam (True Name)?

A Seeker: 

I want to get rid of my suffering, but I am not honest!  why I am going in circles when I pretend to be honest? I want to understand SatNam (True Name)?

The ultimate cause of suffering is ignorance not honesty.  Ignorance is our practised false nature; – not SatNam, true nature which is to be!  Once we ignore our true nature SatNam, then we are ignoring our Consciousness!

We take that which is unreal to be real, and that which is real to be unreal!  This is the biggest problem or illusion of humanity.  This is the reason world “Sansara” is called “Maya” (illusion).  It does not mean the tree is not tree, it is.  The river is not river, it is!

But your experience is not true.  As you do not have true eyes to see, because we are wearing glasses of illusion, So, let me explain…

The objective experience – that is, the mind, body, and world – is made out of thinking and imagining, sensing, and seeing, hearing, touching, feeling, tasting and smelling.

What happens to our entire objective experience, including all of our suffering, when all of these are removed?  It vanishes, it simply vanishes, that is the beauty!

Where is suffering in deep sleep?  It is non-existent!

And if we go deeply into our experience at any given moment, we find the suffering is also non-existent there.  In fact, deep sleeping and the present moment share much in common.  This is one of the reasons for people to meditate as meditation is all about being in present!

The past and the future are such in common with the dream state (suffering), not deep sleep!

Suffering by definition, requires the presence of separate entity for its existence.  However, that separate entity itself non-existent, imaginary.

What can we say therefore of this separate entity’s suffering?  It is no more real than the entity around which it revolves, although of course it is a powerful illusion.

If we go deep into the experience of suffering while it is actually taking place, we find that the one around whom the suffering revolves is not present. It is present as a thought or a sensation, but the entity itself is not present.

Thinking cannot get rid of thinking, but it can go to the limit of thinking.  Seeking cannot get rid of seeking, but it can go to the end of seeking.

If seeking is not denied or frustrated, if it is allowed to run its full course, it will come to its natural limit. However, it is consciousness that dissolves the seeking thought, just as water dissolves a sugar cube!

Seeking should be allowed to run its course, for it is in the dissolution of thinking, not in the frustration of thinking, that consciousness is revealed, that consciousness tastes itself.

Seeking never finds what it is looking for.  It is dissolved in it.

From the mind point of view, it is the end of seeking, rather than its fulfillment, that brings about the Revelation of Presence.

From the point of Reality, it is experience of consciousness recognising itself that brings about the end of seeking.

However, this should not be taken as an incentive to stop seeking.  On the contrary, it can be taken as an indication that seeking should run its full course, should fully explore its own limits.

Only then will the mind come to an end naturally in Understanding.  The Understanding is itself the experience of Consciousness knowing itself knowingly.

This is very different situation from one in which the mind is frustrated as a result of having its validity denied, or whose natural inquisitiveness is disciplined through effort.  Such a mind is never truly brough to an end.  It is not peaceful.  It is suppressed!

Such a mind simply forms a belief and, in doing so, it t is perpetuates itself.  It rests on the belief, fall sleep on it, anaesthetises itself, fooling itself into thinking that it has come to an end.  This is not Understanding!

The process of exploring the nature of experience (true name) is the process through which the mind is truly brought to its limit.

The mind does not find Understanding, It dies in it.  This is the beauty of SanNam (True Name).  This experience is called SatNam.

SatNam to all of you from bottom of my heart!

Yog Nanak