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How to Befriend love!


Love does not mean what is ordinarily understood by it.  The ordinary is just a masquerade; something is hiding behind it.  The Real Love is a totally different phenomenon.  The worldly, usual Love is a demand. A FALSE, AN EGO!

The Real Love is sharing.  It knows nothing of demand; it knows the joy of giving.  The ordinary Love pretends too much. Real Love is non-pretentious; it simply is. IT IS THE REFLECTION OF GOD!

The Ordinary Love becomes almost sickening, syrupy, drippy, what you call “lovey-dovey”.  It is distasteful; it is nauseating.  Real Love is nourishment.  It strengthens your soul.  The ordinary Love only feeds your ego – not the real you but unreal you! The unreal only feeds the unreal and real miss in this GAME – MAYA ! REMEMBER THIS.

Becoming a servant of real Love and means becoming a servant of God.  God is Love in its ultimate purity.  Give, share whatever you have, share and enjoy sharing.  Don’t do it as if it is a duty – then the whole joy is gone. And don’t feel that you are obliging the others, never, not even for a single moment. Love never obliges.  In Fact, on the contrary, when somebody receives your Love, YOU FEEL OBLIGED.

Love is thankful that it is received. Love never waits to be rewarded, even to be thanked! Thankfulness comes from the ego, and THE LOVE IS PURE NON-EGO!

Remember always that your lover is only a tiny expression of Love.  Serve Love through the lover; a lover is a tiny expression of God – LOVE IS GOD!

You never become attached to the lover. And when one is not attached to a lover. Love reached the highest peaks.  The moment you attach, you start falling and falling lower than you!  NOW YOU, KILL YOUR GOD!

Attachment is a kind of gravitation. Un-attachment is life fire; it always rises. That’s why we give dead body to fire, whole life played the game of attachment. In the end, we provide the body to fire so it can rise, fire is anti- gravity.  Unreal Love shows so much concern, it is always concerned.  Real Love is considerate but has no concern!

Love knows compassion, but no concern! It will not fulfill the poisonous idea of other! Search into, meditate on love, experiment! 

Love is the greatest experiment of life and those who live without experimenting with love, with love energy, will never know what life is or what life was — you lost!

If you do not understand love, you will remain on the surface, in marriages, in fake friendships, in fake relationships.  You will become fake and watch are you not? Most of us are, so let’s start working – that is called MEDITATION!  Love Meditation!!!

Yog Nanak