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A Yesu Masi Story… Happy Holidays!


Every language has an expression for the sense of identity…the “I am.” In Aramaic, a language spoken two thousand years ago, the word for “I am” was Yahushua, the Yeshua in Hebrew, and the Wah of Ma Sa Wah in Sanskrit. The Christ•Mass story — the mass of crystal clarity — is the story of believing in “I am” and the origins. “I am, therefore I am,” is a teaching amongst the masters of higher consciousness throughout history. The root of these teachings — the “I am” — is found in these many forms. The “I in I” as the “what is” is the basis of existence. This is the self, which is existing and experiencing the experience of existence.

The “I am” is that clear experience, and one must be free from all psycho-emotional distortions to have such an experience. Interpretations of this experience serve the intellect — the actual experience itself is the experience that serves the soul. This is the teachings of “I am”…one who experiences the experience of the soul. This is the purpose of this time of year, and the purpose of all the special holy days from so many traditions. This is the loving inclusion and solid togetherness found amongst the holiday symbols in many faiths. Mistletoe and the manger are symbols of the seeds of life. The North pole is the center of life’s magnetic presence. Reindeer and the three wisdom keepers are symbols of life’s bounties. The sleigh and snow symbolize the effortless movement. And the smoke up the chimney, along with the guiding North-star, are symbols of harnessing the guiding spirit of origins.

Our prayer is that you take this Christmas opportunity to discover your own origins; how you became who you are to support the person you want to be; to use this deep season of high holy days and strengthen your journey with the core powers of celebration . . . Merry Christmas to all, and to all a blessed life.
Always with Sacred Love, Blessings, Prayer & Gratitude…

Yog Nanak